Is Your Bank Balance Holding You Back from Exploring the World?; How to Travel on a Shoestring Budget

There are very few experiences more liberating than traveling the world. Whether it’s seeing the Pyramids in Egypt, climbing Mount Everest and breathing the freshest air you have ever experienced, or even just lazing on a beach in the middle of nowhere.

As lovely as this sounds, however, it’s often the perception of how much it costs to travel which tends to hold people back from experiences which could better their lives.

If this sounds like you, below are some tips to help you travel further on a limited budget.

Train Travel Will Be Your New Best Friend

Flying short distances is not only cumbersome but it’s also unnecessarily expensive. Instead of flying in between short destinations, look at options like train travel.

Before you get ideas about the metro system in your hometown, consider that these are luxury trains which can take you to and from a range of countries with breathtaking views. The Eurail, for example, can help you get all across Europe using nothing but train transport and one multi-use (and cheap) ticket.

Coupons Before you Go

There will be a number of items which you need to take with you that you won’t have, such as any climate appropriate clothing that isn’t in your closet.

Before you leave, make a list of the items you will need to pack and take advantage of a full beauty coupon from Groupon Coupons and get some great travel clothes and accessories for less!

While it can seem counterintuitive to buy clothes to travel, the truth of traveling is that buying items like rainproof coats and warm items before you leave is much cheaper than when you are at your destination and every shop owner knows that you want and need to buy their items and will charge you more.

If You Can Recognize the Sign, Keep Walking

When we travel it can be easy to seek out foods which we are sure our bodies can handle. This often leads many travelers to spend the majority of their travel budget on food.

And while it can be great to taste a little flavor of home while you are abroad, a vacation is the time for culinary adventure!

With this in mind, you can cut down a lot on your travel spending by simply looking for the longest line for a street-food vendor. The longer the line, the better the food will be. Just be sure to make your way to the front of the line first to make sure that you can stomach what they are offering.

Just because your bank account doesn’t have as many zeros as you would like doesn’t mean that you can get out and see the world, it just means looking for smart ways like the ones above to keep your costs as minimal as possible.

So go on, get out there and see the world and spend your hard-earned money on new adventures!