Electric Powered X1 Bikes Offering Excellent Eco-Friendly Transportation Solutions

X1 Technology, a relatively new bike manufacturing company founded in 2016, has been taking the world by storm and making headlines with innovative transportation solutions.  The company was started as the brainchild of John Simcox and his partner Brett Vogeler, with the vision of manufacturing green technology products that help people reduce their own carbon footprint and create a more sustainable future for our world.

In November 2017, X1 Technology introduced the all new X1 Explorer, an eco-friendly bike, with all the bells and whistles including high tech features like a remote keyfob, anti-theft alarm, a smart app and GPS tracking.

Now you can take part in saving the world by saying NO to burning fossil fuel for transportation.  The X1 Explorer e-bike was developed with the aim of helping change your lifestyle, while at the same time, saving you money, and ensuring a healthier planet worldwide!

One reason for the popularity of the X1 Explorer is the portability, due to its unique folding system. It takes just a few seconds to fold and stow away. The e-bike weighs just 44 lbs, but has the capacity to comfortably carry someone up to 265 lbs.

The X1 Explorer goes anywhere. Store it in the trunk of your car, then use it to skip the traffic on the final approach to your workplace; it really is the perfect “last mile solution”.   You can take it on the bus, train, subway, private aircraft, boat or RV.  Run to the corner store for groceries, or navigate the downtown area with ease.

With a maximum speed of 19 miles per hour, you are permitted to ride the X1 Explorer anywhere you ride a bicycle: on the street, the sidewalk or in a bike lane. No license or insurance required (check local laws).  No gas, no oil, no emissions. No traffic, no parking hassles, no stress, no range anxiety.  This is the ultimate e-bike, a life-changing, earth-loving bike for under $1,000.  What?!? Yes, less than half the cost of their closest competitor!  And the range is twice as long…up to 37 miles on a quick 3-4-hour charge.

The body is designed with an aircraft grade aluminium frame which ensures unbeatable durability and strength. It comes with a one-year warranty free of charge and an optional extended warranty.  If you are looking for an affordable, long-term, eco-friendly transportation solution, you owe it to yourself to check them out at: www.x1bike.com.

X1 Technology donates $5.00 from the sale of each X1 Explorer to the Environmental Defense Fund, a well-known organization that has focused on stabilizing the climate, feeding the world and protecting our health for over 50 years.  Its time to go green with the X1 Explorer e-bike, the transportation solution for the future.