Business or Pleasure? You Can Have Both With a Bleisure Trip

You’re taking to the skies and destined for a business trip. The time away doesn’t have to be all business. Travelers may experience a unique blend of business and pleasure due to the following kinds of amenities offered by hotels and vacation destinations.

Free Wi-Fi

You definitely don’t need trouble getting on the Internet while working. Therefore, a place that offers free Wi-Fi keeps money in the pocket and offers the opportunity to stream movies, surf the web, etc. Most people are used to quick, uninterrupted Internet access and leading hotels are quick to abide.

Interior Design

Before, hotel rooms would be the target of interior design jokes. Today, hotel chains hire interior designers to make hotel rooms look chicer than most homes. It doesn’t feel like a business trip if you don’t feel embarrassed by the wallpaper and feel comfortable using the bathroom facilities.


You can easily imagine the size of a normal hotel room. Even those adorned with plush sheets and modern interior design can lack the space needed to really feel comfortable. The option of reserving a suite allows for something more than just another business trip. There’s a reason why some will only stay in suites after they experience the difference.

Cafe Environment

Walk into a Starbucks or other popular local coffeehouse and you’ll see people congregating for business purposes or those in formal clothing hovering over laptops. The cafe environment is great for doing light to heavy work. Stay for a few minutes to check your email, or find an outlet, grab something to eat, and get hours of work completed among the smell of roasted coffee beans.

Gym and Pool

Some need to exercise to feel like themselves. Aside from jet lag, a break in diet and regular exercise can make a business traveler feel lousy. On the contrary, taking advantage of the hotel gym and pool allows you to replicate or better your regular workout regimen. Plus, 24-hour access means you have zero excuses not to lift weights, use cardio equipment, or go for a swim.

Outdoor Lounge

It’s convenient to have a place to gather with business associates whether you’re on the clock or it’s after business hours. Trendy hotels know the needs and preferences of modern-day business people, the reason firepits, lounges, and other outdoor amenities have grown more popular. Consider what the view is like from the Marriott Crystal Towers, Cape Town establishment.


Decades ago, a hotel lobby was a place for workers to run to and fro to help those checking in. Today, lobbies look more like hip, open-floor layouts at emerging software companies. You will find people working on computers, discussing business deals, or enjoying a meal or a snack.

Prime Real Estate

People desire homes in San Francisco, New York City, South Africa, and other vacation destinations, yet you can afford to live like a local whenever you choose due to the prime real estate of popular hotel chains and boutique establishments. Aside from the hotel amenities, you have access to the surrounding area, whether it’s the nightlife of New York City or the array of surf spots in South Africa.