Introverts you got to travel to these fabulous 5 destinations

Being an introvert in this continuously bustling world is hard. And it is even harder to decide where to plan a vacation. The dilemma of to go or not go will chase you even after you have booked your flight tickets. The thought of going to a city which is filled with tourists and have a dominating nightlife can be scary for some of us. So, my introvert friends, keep reading this article and I am sure, you will also start to plan your trip. Here are some of the introvert-friendly destinations. Yes, the world is full of these hidden gems.

1. Bali:

This Indonesian island is the perfect combination of natural, spiritual and cultural getaways. It is home to densely forested mountains, lush green rice fields, serene beaches and most importantly, warm and welcoming people. Being an introvert will never be an issue here. There are yoga retreats and ancient temples tucked away in the beautiful jungles. It will give you an opportunity to explore the depths of your mind. Bali has numerous tranquil and unspoiled beaches which are not very popular. Sitting on the shore for hours, admiring the breath-taking beauty will soothe your soul.

2. Yakushima, Japan

Home to Mount Fuji and lovely cherry blossoms, Japan still has numerous destinations that are least explored. Yakushima is one of those places where you can escape the hustle-bustle of the city. The island is dominated by towering mountains and pristine forests. It is a paradise for hikers and nature-lovers. The forests are full of cascading waterfalls and cedar trees that are hundreds of years old. Use the online trip planner to know more about such lovely places. Visit this hauntingly beautiful island and lose yourself in the heart of nature.

3. Greenland

Greenland is already famous for magical northern lights. But, few people know that this is the country of vast, magnificent landscape, glaciers and raw natural beauty.  It is a place where winters are intense and summers are brightened by the midnight sun. Exploring the Arctic wildlife will give you an opportunity to visit some of the least explored regions in the world. Mountain-climbing, sea-diving and salmon fishing are some of the things you will definitely love. Sitting under the sky where mystical northern lights are dancing is something you should not miss.

4. Slovenia

This is a charming European country known for its stunningly exquisite landscapes. If you are looking forward to enjoying the beauty of Alps without hundreds of tourists around you, then this is the place to be! Snow-covered mountains, lush green lands, blue lakes and eye-capturing architecture… what else do you need to make a vacation perfect? If you are a foodie like me, you will love their local cuisine. The unique combination of flavors from Hungary, Italy and Austria will please your taste buds to no end. 

5. Paris

Why Paris, you must be wondering? Why not, I say. This city of love and lights is the perfect place for introverts to come out of their comfort zone once in awhile. You can wander the streets of Paris, admiring the architectural creativity and stroll through the numerous art galleries and museums without anyone trying to make a small talk. But, if you want, you can strike a conversation with these warm-hearted people. Paris is also a city of surprises. Who knows, you will make some great friends here.

So, head to these destinations without worrying about the streets flooding with tourists. Start exploring the world which is meant for the introverts.